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No. This online business directory is strictly dedicated to companies with Romanian specifics which operate outside Romania.
As a matter of fact selecting Romania in the countries list when posting an ad is not possible.
When the 60 days free period comes to an end, you have the possibility to buy a service package and your ad will continue to be visible on the site.
However if you decide not to, your ad will not be deleted but will become inactive and will not be visible on the site anymore.
No. This online business directory is dedicated to commercial agents and not to private persons. Exceptions are the PFA ( Authorized Physical Persons). Briefly, you need to run in a way or another an activity deemed as "commercial".
All service packages are set up in Euro. If you choose to pay with PayPal, it will automatically convert your payment into Euros, regardless which currency you use. If you pay with online bank transfer, you will have to choose as "target currency" Euro and the amount debited from your bank account will reflect the converted sum in Euro, at your bank's conversion rate for that day.
You can post as many ads as you want. For each posting you will get a 60 days free period. If you choose to keep your ad active after the 60 days free period, you will have to buy a service package.
Upon buying a service package, you will receive per E-mail an invoice with the VAT amount outlined. Each service package has the 19% legal Romanian VAT included. Dugheana.com observes the Romanian fiscal legislation, no exception.
Sure. If your company resides in one of the EU member states, please mention in the "comments" field - whether if you Pay with PayPal or online banking transfer - the VAT ID of your company (example: DExxxxxxxx, FRxxxxxxx) and this will be added to your invoice. At the end of your fiscal year, you will be able to recover the VAT amount that appears in your order. However, if your company resides outside the EU (example: Canada or USA), you will not be able to recover the VAT.
For more info, please check with your tax consultant.
To avoid the deletion of your account by mistake, this can only be done manually by the administrator. If you have decided to delete your account, please request this by using our contact page. Your account, the data and ads associated with it will be permanently deleted and will not be visible on the website anymore. If you have remaining days, getting a refund for these days will be unfortunately not be possible.
If you have decided to mark your ad featured, you can buy a "featured" package. Your ad will appear as featured in searches and on the right side of the page under "featured ads". Please visit the Pricing page for more info.


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