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It is well known that after 1989 hundred of thousands of Romanians left the country to find a better life in countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and also USA and Canada. Some of them chose to work as employees, others defied the risks and opened their own businesses which they successfully run.

Regardless of the situation, their life is unfolding there, outside Romania. But no matter what they do, no matter how much they want to adapt to their new society, it is very difficult - at least for the first generation - to forget or give up their Romanian traditions.

Compared to other communities outside their home countries ( ex. Hungarian (!), Jewish, Polish ), the Romanian community is pretty disunited. The reasons vary, sometimes they are legitimate, sometimes not. They can arise from personal attitudes, as well as from a certain anti-Romanian "phobia" which unfortunately is quite widespread in the Romanian communities abroad.

In the majority of cases, Romanian imigrants are well educated, with real chances of success outside Romania. It's quite hard to imagine that in the advanced technology era we live in, someone does not have access to the Internet and hence to information.

Dugheana.com was born on a sunny summer day in 2016, from a fantastic idea ...



Through its activity and presence on the internet, dugheana.com aims to facilitate the access of all Romanians living outside Romania, to traditional Romanian products and services.

In the light of the words of introduction, we plan in the medium and long term to contribute via our website - as much as we can - to the strengthening of the Romanian community abroad.

If you live and work abroad, whether you want to renovate your house, eat a tripe soup, fix your car by a Romanian mechanic, get a Romanian lawyer or be treated by a Romanian physician, the solution is simple: check out dugheana.com ...



Dugheana.com is an online business directory for Romanian-run businesses outside Romania.

The site offers to those businesses ("registered users") the opportunity to list their products and services in our directory. On the other hand, dugheana.com offers Romanians living abroad ("visitors") the possibility to view the contact, description, pictures, videos, map location and other details of the registered businesses in order to profit from their advertised  products or services.


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Dugheana.com was born from the need of many Romanians living abroad, to be able to find fast and efficiently exclusive Romanian businesses in the country where they live and work.
Add your business to our directory and become known to the Romanian community in your area!